Dry Needling

Dr. Gum is highly experienced with Dry Needling treatments. At Waitara Chiropractic Clinic, our Dry Needling treatments aim to help your process to recovery as quick as possible.

If you are considering Dry Needling around the Hornsby area, then look no further than Waitara Chiropractic Clinic. It is a convenient location with highly skilled, professional and friendly staff.

New to Dry Needling? A bit of information…

There are a number of different methods that are used to eliminate neuromuscular dysfunction but dry needling is considered to be one of the more effective methods.

This particular method is able to diagnose and treat pain that can lead to functional deficits, which can be particularly bad for professional athletes as well as those who enjoy engaging in physical activities on a regular basis.

In simple terms, the treatment involves needling of a muscle’s trigger points without injecting any substance.

While the exact mechanisms of dry needling are not currently known, the technique itself has proven to achieve both biochemical and mechanical effects that can be beneficial for many different people. Numerous scientific studies have revealed that this particular type of treatment has been very effective for people with a wide variety of chronic and acute conditions as well as injuries.

Trigger points are known to have abnormal electrical activity and are surrounded by numerous chemicals that are known to cause inflammation. There has been quite a bit of research that indicates that when a needle is successfully inserted into a trigger point and generated a local switch response, it can return the electrical and chemical environment within the muscle back to its former relaxed state. Deactivated trigger points draw white blood cells as well as plasma cells into the area, creating a healing response.